"I need to learn how to stop destroying myself, stop being hard on myself and be nice to myself."

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You’ve got a warm heart, you’ve got a beautiful brain.

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Twizz - Rememberlude ft. PM

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"You have to learn
how to be gentle with yourself.
That you are more than
a tornado of genetics and mistakes.
How to work hard and take care of yourself.
That love takes pieces
of you with it; accept that you may
receive nothing in return.
People are horrible and sad and rotten,
but you cannot let it harden you.
She taught you to hate yourself,
but you must teach her how to love.
That your parents are not perfect.
That you are not perfect.
That it will all be okay."

Michelle K., Things I’ve Learned In 2013. (via michellekpoems)

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Dogs falling asleep in their food

The best photoset I have ever seen a direct window into my soul



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"Once you lose someone, it is never exactly the same person who comes back."

Sharon Olds, Satan Says (via dumbwhitegirl)

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Puppy enjoys listening to guitar. [video]


Puppy enjoys listening to guitar. [video]

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